Glacial Grooves - Kelleys Island, Ohio

About the Glacial Grooves on Kelleys Island, Ohio

Glacial GroovesIt always amazes me how much power and force can be found in a sheet of ice. To think that these grooves were carved out ever so slowly over a period of time that is almost unconcievable can be overwhelming. Carved into the limestone about 30,000 years ago by the Wisconsinian glaciar (during the Pleistocene Ice Age) are these fascinating grooves and striations.

The Glacial Grooves Memorial is 400 feet long and 35 feet wide. The grooves are fenced in and a walkway goes up one side, a bridge crosses the upper end and then the walkway continues down the other side. When it was decided to have the Glacial Grooves Memorial, the grooves had to be relieved of all the topsoil and composite materials and so such materials were carefully dug out to reveal the grooves.

The glacial grooves are important to historians, scientists and students. The Great Lakes and all the islands in them were carved out by glacial activity. From the glacial grooves scientists can determine direction and time period of the glaciars on the North American continent, among other things.

The dictionary defines a glacial groove or striation as: one of several, long, straight, parallel lines or grooves in a bedrock surface, formed by boulders, gravel, and pebbles embedded in a glacier that has passed over the surface. To me they are much more than that - they are a representation of the force & beauty of nature and a record of our earth's history.


The Glacial Grooves Ohio State Park is located on the beautiful island of Kelley's Island located in Lake Erie, 8 miles north of Sandusky, OH.

The island is accessible by ferry from Marblehead daily (weather permitting) and from Sandusky during the summer season. Call the Kelleys Island Ferry Boat Line at 419-798-9763 or Goodtime Island Cruises, Inc. at 419-625-9692 for ferry schedules.

A panoramic view/video of Glacial Grooves: